Vampire Library
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  • Alternative:Библиотека вампиров (Russian); 吸血鬼图书馆 (KgomeCaptor) (Chinese); 뱀파이어 도서관 (Korean); Vampire Do Seo Gwan
  • Author:Lee Sun-Young
  • Views:4.200.000 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Horror , Shoujo , Shounen ai , Supernatural , Manhwa

Vampire Library


Yu Mano wanted a job where he wouldn't have to deal with lots of people looking at him, and maybe where he could get some of his college homework done during breaks. Being an albino in South Korea, he always stands out. There's this creepy yet eye-catching mansion in his neighborhood that somehow is a library, so he decides to work there part-time for a while. But his annoyance level soon shoots through the roof because every single one of the (admittedly gorgeous) librarians there are vampire otakus! They even dress and talk as if they are vampires—and as if they're certain he is one, too! After an awkward first encounter with the head librarian (including being dragged into his elegant coffin), he is determined to never go back but...

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