Thoroughbred Wa Yuruganai
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  • Alternative:Thoroughbred doesn't shake / サラブレッドはゆるがない
  • Author:Sakura Riko
  • Views:2.400.000 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Romance , School life , Smut , Supernatural , Yaoi

Thoroughbred Wa Yuruganai


Sequel to "Thoroughbred wa Nabikanai". The thoroughbred, Shiba Toshimasa, and the lion, Shishidou Ouga, are childhood friends and now lovers. But, as the son of a good family, Shiba faces an engagement to his thoroughbred friend, Touma Rei. Although he asked Touma to reject the engagement, Shishidou finds out about it...?!

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