The Villainess’s 18 Year Old Attack Story
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  • Alternative:The Villainess’s 18-Year-Old Attack Story / 악녀 18세 공략기 
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The Villainess’s 18 Year Old Attack Story


Read manhwa The Villainess’s 18-Year-Old Attack Story / Pelakor dan Mantanku Jadi Sahabatku In Another Life / 악녀 18세 공략기 OMG a reverse isekai??! Our MC is a villainess in a webtoon and she was suddenly reincarnated as an 18 year old webtoon writer in the modern world. Her character as the villainess in the webtoon will meet a tragic death, but she has now the chance to change the ending after getting reincarnated as a webtoon writer.

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