The Unwelcome Guests of House Fildette
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  • Alternative:백작가의 불청객들 / The Count's Intruders / The Count's Intruders , 백작가의 불청객들 , The Count's Unwelcome Guests , The Count's Uninvited Guests
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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Drama , Historical , Mystery , Romance

The Unwelcome Guests of House Fildette


Read manhwa 백작가의 불청객들 / The Count’s Intruders / The Count’s Intruders , 백작가의 불청객들 , The Count’s Unwelcome Guests , The Count’s Uninvited Guests Hayden Grummond Fildette, the only son of Count and Countess Fildette, was the perfect heir and lovable anchor who kept his family together. But the peaceful days come to an end when an unwelcome guest from his father’s past surfaces, threatening Hayden’s position with a possible half-brother and tipping over his parents’ precarious relationship. Will he and his family be able to withstand the storm of uncomfortable truths and misunderstandings, or sink in the raging conflicts?

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