The Story Of The Hated Mule
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  • Author:대딩의 삶
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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Fantasy , Romance

The Story Of The Hated Mule


“This is her daughter?” Tara, the illegitimate daughter of the noble Queen Adelaide, was thrown away as a baby and raised by poor relatives. They sent her to a notorious mage in the west named Judas, whom she had never met before. While she is overwhelmed by her so-called guardian’s impossible beauty, he and the others in the castle treat her warily, hateful of the queen. However, the girl’s lovable innocence and pitiful nature begin to melt the immortal magician’s frozen heart… “Stop acting cute. You’re like a vixen.” “Why do you keep calling me a vixen?” “I don’t care if that child is broken. To me, life and destruction are one and the same.” A healing romance blooms between an obsessive and frigid ‘guardian’ that only shows kindness to one girl, and a little ‘miss’ scarred by her past.

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