The President's Expensive, Cute Wife
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  • Alternative:总裁的天价萌妻
  • Author:Open Source A&c
  • Views:2.500.000 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Romance , Shounen , Slice of life

The President's Expensive, Cute Wife


When alcohol meets lust, a mistake occurs, leading to a steamy night between a beauty and a handsome stud. When the flames of passion recede, she feels empty, completely unaware of the seed he had planted in her. Unforeseen events compel her to move away, but years later, the two meet again. Added to the mix this time are a hacker son and a daughter, who plays dumb in the face of evil from her charming dad, the president. Together with their scheming mom, you're in for a thrilling tale of high intellect, unmatched EQ, and the ingenious machinations of a funny and courageous couple!

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