The King’s Forbidden Flower
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  • Alternative:Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Shoujo
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  • Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Magic , Romance , Shoujo

The King’s Forbidden Flower


Read manga Itsuwari no Ou no Omoi Hana / 偽りの王の想い花 Losing her parents at a young age and forsaken by her uncle, Peony’s life is shrouded in loneliness. One day, she meets a mysterious boy named Zach in a forest. The two fall in love, but are quickly torn apart. Ten years have passed since then. Peony has given up all hope of reuniting with her lost love, devoting herself to becoming a bride of the lord. However, one fateful day the King himself comes to visit her academy, and is the spitting image of the Zach from her memories…

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