The Hero Is Standing In My Way
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  • Alternative:The Hero is Standing in My Way / 남자 주인공이 내 앞길을 가로막는다 / A male protagonist is blocking my way
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The Hero Is Standing In My Way


Read manhwa The Hero is Standing in My Way / I reincarnated into a novel that I'd read in my past life.I'm destined to be the fianc of the villain in the not-too-distant future, but that's Doesn't it depend on how I live?"My ideal type is 190 centimeters tall, handsome, rich and doesn't get fat when he gets older!"And then I saved the life of the young male protagonist before I even started looking for him?My plan to have a smooth, carefree life has been ruined ever since!"I'm sorry, but Ariel said I can't take my eyes off the prettiest and handsomest people in the world.' ""What? Me?""I'm I'm sorry, I've been very rude. Please forget my proposal!""Wait! No! Please Wait!"As he watched me feel increasingly guilty towards him, a supposedly broken-hearted person, he raised the corner of his mouth.20 chapters will be updated at harimanga. Thank you for always supporting us.

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