The Brightest Star
  • 4.6
  • Alternative:A Super Estrela N°1 ; La Super Estrella No.1 ; Le No.1 Superstar ; Ngôi Sao Hàng Đầu Thế Giới ; Shijiediyi Juxing ; Shìjièdìyī Jùxīng ; Superstar Pertama di Dunia ; The Brightest Giant Star in the World ; The Brightest Martial Star ; The No.1 Superstar ; World's Biggest Superstar ; 世界第一巨星 ; 약혼녀가 바뀐 것 같은데요
  • Author:Lu Fei ; Samanhua ; Aki.7 ; Xiao Ming Tai Ji
  • Views:2.100.000 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Martial arts , Romance , Webtoons , Manhua

The Brightest Star


She was a top-notch martial art master, winning the gold medals five years in a row. He was a superstar born in the richest family in the world. Handsome but aloof, he got so many fans around the world that was beyond counting. What she doesn't know is that one day she would be reborn, and now she's the fiancee of this superstar! Let the world sneer at her, and that's not something that ever could bother her. After all, she deserves all the best.

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