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  • Alternative:셔플;
  • Author:Kim Youbi
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  • Genres: Yaoi



"You have bad intentions towards me, don't you?""It's not bad intentions, it's called being truthful."Having lived wealthy for all his life, Shin Eunchae is loved by his seniors who treat him well. However, Eunchae hides the fact that he's rich.Whilst Kang Joowon, an aspiring actor, has his eyes on Eunchae.After saving the clueless Eunchae from a senior trying to take advantage of Eunchae's innocence, they gradually start getting along well.But not so long after, Joowon finds out the detestable truth that Eunchae has been hiding the fact that he's rich! Not wanting his secret revealed, Eunchae starts to help Joowon become the best actor."Don't worry. I'll use all my good tricks for you." The passionate story of an unknown actor and a second-generation rich boy!

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