Shinu Mae Ni, Hotei-San To Koi Ni Ochimashita!?
  • 4.1
  • Alternative:死ぬ前に、布袋様と恋に落ちました!? ; Falling in love with the God Hotei before I die
  • Author:Hinagi
  • Views:31.600 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Fantasy , Supernatural

Shinu Mae Ni, Hotei-San To Koi Ni Ochimashita!?


You're gonna die anyway, so I'll let you see the pure land of pleasures." I've always been unlucky, and I get to have my first sexual experience… with a scary looking God Hotei!? Takumi has been unlucky his whole life, and he has to have at least one accident every single day.One day, while getting groped on the train, he gets saved by a man with intimidating features. he goes home and greets his statue, god Hotei of fortune. Takumi believes that this statue is his one true ally. The next day, he spots the man on the train and finds out that he's actually.. Hoteisson.

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