Rewriting The Villainess
  • 4.8
  • Alternative:악녀 18세 공략기 ; The Villainess' 18 Year Old Attack Story ; The 18-Year-Old Villainess's Target ; The Wrath of the 18 year old villainess
  • Author:Hong Hye (홍혜)
  • Views:2.800.000 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Romance , School life , Shoujo

Rewriting The Villainess


Laisa, the villain in the webtoon has been possessed by the body of the original webtoon writer, Yoo Do-Eun! It's unfair to be possessed by this world, but I'm a villain who is destined to die!? This is a story of a writer's strategy to change her ending.

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