President Long-Legs
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  • Author:Choi Mee Ae
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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Comedy , Romance , Webtoons

President Long-Legs


There’s no doubt secretary Lee Gayoung is the weakest link at her illustrious financial firm. She didn’t graduate from a top university, nor is she particularly talented at anything. But she’s determined to work hard and repay the kindness of the mysterious “Mister Long-Legs,” an anonymous good samaritan who has provided for her ever since she lost her family in a terrible accident. Only one person stands in her way: Cho Yisun, the cold-hearted company president who always seems to catch Gayoung at her worst moments. It’s only a matter of time before President Cho fires her… or is there something else in that icy stare of his?

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