Nullitas: Itsuwari No Hanayome
  • 4.1
  • Alternative:Nullitas ; Nullitas ~The Counterfeit Bride~ ; Nullitas: Die falsche Braut ; Nullitas: La remplaçante ; Nullitas: Si Pengantin Palsu ; Nullitas: The Half-Blood Royalty ; Nuritas: False novia ; Нуллітес ; Нуллітес: Герцогиня - Напівкровка ; ヌリタス ; ヌリタス~偽りの花嫁~ ; 奴莉塔絲 ; 奴莉塔絲~偽裝的新娘~ ; 娜丽塔斯 ; 娜丽塔斯·一半的伯爵小姐 ; 눌리타스 ; 눌리타스 : 절반의 백작 영애
  • Author:Jezz Ritou Harusumi
  • Views:3.600.000 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Gender bender , Historical , Josei , Mature , Psychological , Romance , Shoujo

Nullitas: Itsuwari No Hanayome


Dreaming to be a knight, an unnamed girl who grew up as a boy. In fact, she was actually the illegitimate child of Count Romagnolo, who she worked under as a servant. Eventually, the Count found out her existence, and she was sent as a replacement bride for her blood-related sister that the Count endeared more. So she was given the name “Núllǐtas”, and let's see how her life changes onward.

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