New Treasure Island (1947)
  • 4.2
  • Alternative:New Treasure Island (Original Edition) ; 新寶島 オリジナル版 ; 新宝島 ; Shin Takarajima ; Shin Takarajima (1947) ; Shin Takarajima (Originalban) ; La nouvelle Île au Trésor ; La nuova isola del tesoro ; A Nova Ilha do Tesouro
  • Author:Tezuka Osamu Shichima Sakai
  • Views:3.300 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Mystery , Shounen

New Treasure Island (1947)


*Tezuka completely redrew this from memory for the Tezuka 400 when this version was presumed lost. It was later rediscovered and collected in the Tezuka bunko.*The young Pete jumps aboard a ship captained by a friend of his late father. With a treasure map he left behind in his hands, he and the captain embark on an adventure to hunt it down. However, pesky pirates - like Bowarl and his crew - get in the way, also seeking the treasure for themselves! What sort of island is Treasure Island? And who will get the treasure first?Sakai is credited for the 'story' of this edition due to the many cuts and alterations he made, including the ending of the manga. Tezuka was not pleased with his edits, and did not consider it a work he did by himself. When collected in the Complete Works, the original was presumed lost, so Tezuka redrew the whole work from memory, restoring the cuts (such as Peter Pan). This edition is more of a 2/3koma compared to the 1984 definitive edition, which is a 4Koma.

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