Nana To Kaoru: Last Year
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  • Alternative:Attache-moi ~Jeux SM entre lycéens~ ; Nana & Kaoru ~High schoolers' SM play~ ; Nana & Kaoru ~Jeux SM entre lycéens~ ; Nana to Kaoru - High Schoolers' SM Play ; Nana to Kaoru - Kokosei no SM gokko ; Nana to Kaoru ~Kokosei no SM Gokko~ ; Nana to Kaoru Last Year ; ナナとカオル ~高校生のSMごっこ~ ; ナナとカオル Last Year
  • Author:Amazume Ryuta
  • Views:2.400.000 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Comedy , Harem , Romance , School life , Slice of life

Nana To Kaoru: Last Year


New ('s spinoff, serialized on the newly released (28/11/18) digital magazine "Harem" (ハレム), aiming at adults.    The story takes place in the third year of high school, after the ending of the manga, with ( occuring during summer vacation.  ---**Links:**  - (

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