Mr Mo's Secret
  • Alternative:Half-Sugarlike and Half-Saltlike Boyfriend ; Nán Yǒu Bàn Táng Bàn Yán ; 男友半糖半盐
  • Author:An Bu Yao Leng Yi Lan
  • Views:1.500 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Drama , Romance , Shoujo

Mr Mo's Secret


A father who mysteriously disappeared, a mother who killed herself and clues that lie in a web of secrets. To find the truth, I decided to make an unspoken transaction with Mr. Mo, the most powerful man in the city. Who would have thought that a sweet man could be summoned with a kiss! One moment as cold as frost, one moment as hot as a stove, a boyfriend with such duality, I want it all. The quirky girlfriend vs a two-faced catlike tycoon, under the stars, till the end of time, I will only love…

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