Lun Pan Shi Jie
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  • Alternative:Lún Pán Shì Jiè ; Roulette World ; Wheel World ; 轮盘世界
  • Author:阅文漫画
  • Views:4.200.000 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Action , Adventure , Martial arts , Manhua

Lun Pan Shi Jie


Ye Zhongming, who was struggling to survive in the apocalypse, Reborned at the moment when his life stopped breathing!Back to the beginning of the end, around the afternoon ten years ago…The familiar golden battleship, the familiar lottery roulette, and the familiar zombie siege…Are all these gifts or punishments?We still don’t know, but Ye Zhongming is determined to live!Staying strong with his ten years of post-apocalyptic survival experience!He wants to find the answer to the doomsday roulette and live up to his rebirth!

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