Logging In As A Monster
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  • Alternative:Login Sebagai Monster ; Log in as a Monster ; 몬스터로 로그인
  • Author:Whynotme Productions Yeti
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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Action , Drama , Fantasy

Logging In As A Monster


-Jinhyeok has never once lost in the number one PVP player virtual reality game “The Abyss”.With the news of the release of “Abyss World,” a sequel to “The Abyss,” Jinhyeok receives an unexpected offer from his brother Jinho, a game developer.“Log in as a monster.”“…What the hell are you talking about?”To commemorate the launch of “Abyss World”, he could log in as the iconic character of “The Abyss”, the “Black Knight,” and compete against the users.“What would you do for me if I did this for you?”In the end, Jinhyeok accepted the number of conditions his brother listed as a reward, and logged in as “Black Knight”.Even after that, he ended up logging in as a number of boss mobs, including “Hunter Hwirodren,” “Mirror King Replica,” and “Mobile Captain Jackson”.

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