Level Drain - Zettai Musou No Boukensha -
  • 4.2
  • Alternative:レベルドレイン -絶対無双の冒険者- ; Level Drain -Zettai Musou no Boukensha-
  • Author:Nami Tsumi Ksk
  • Views:4.800.000 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Shounen

Level Drain - Zettai Musou No Boukensha -


“In this world, levels are absolute, and the weak are deprived of everything. I was once like that…”This is a world where dangerous monsters roam the land and adventurers make their living by defeating them. With level as the symbol of absolute power, those with the higher levels gained wealth and fame while those with the lower levels exploited others further beneath them.The protagonist, Alca, was called a “corpse scrapper” because of his “Unable to gain experience” skill, which prevented his level from rising, making him the lowest in society. Under such circumstances, he obtained the “Abyss Armor,” a suit of armor of calamity.This armor makes him able to use “Level Drain,” which allows him to absorb the level of the person he kills!“With this power, all those who stand in my way will be……”Alca, who now has obtained the “Level Drain”, begins to increase his fame and abilities as an adventurer by absorbing the levels of both humans and monsters alike.But before his path, dragons, the strongest species in the world, as well as adventurers of the natural disaster class, of which there are only a few in the world known. stand in his way.However, even they are nothing but stepping stones for him.This is a heroic tale of a jet-black knight, once despised as the lowest of lowest, who now takes from those above and grows to become the most powerful being in the world

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