How To Own You
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  • Alternative:How To Own You / 너를 소유하는 법 / How to Make You Mine
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  • Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Manhwa , Romance

How To Own You


Read manhwa How To Own You / 너를 소유하는 법 / How to Make You Mine She have been living with her hands and feet tied tightly for 24 years. If she gets married soon, she’ll become a bird completely trapped in a cage. The day she went to a club for the first time in her life after cheating on a stupid new bodyguard. Ara tries to spend the night with an unknown man in defiance of her father The moment a stranger’s hand tried to grab Ara’s underwear.. «Miss, were you here?» Five years ago, he disappeared without saying anything, and stood at the door as if he had appeared in a dream. The only person in her family that Ara trusted and relied on, Ara’s first love, bodyguard Yoon. ” «The chairman is desperately looking for you.» «Bad guy.. It’s been five years since you appeared.» In order to get him back, he who returned as a different person and as her father’s loyal dog. Ara begins to dig into the secrets that Yoon hides in earnest. Will the two of them be able to fully own each other?

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