For Snow White
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  • Alternative:백설을 위하여
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For Snow White


Read manhwa For Snow White / 백설을 위하여 On the day of the empress’s funeral, I remembered the disastrous ending of the prince, who was his brother beat the emperor and the empress, as well as the head, and seized the bloody throne. To avoid tragedy, you must persuade the emperor, not be hated by your brother, and finally get sympathy from the knight who beheaded you. Like the hunter who couldn’t kill Snow White and helped him escape. That’s how I thought I’d get sympathy for him… . “Hey, can’t we just make eye contact and talk?” “… Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable?” “It’s uncomfortable. It’s as pretty as a camellia flower.” Why am I pitying you! * “If I could come back with glory… .” “… At that time, would you please allow me to stay by your side?” It is only when the crying reaches the end of the throat that you vaguely realize it. the reason for this feeling. The reason I think of you from time to time, miss the times we spent together, and wish for your happiness so earnestly is because you have become precious to me. Because I fell in love with you.

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