Beware Or Be Bitten!
  • 4.7
  • Alternative:Nei You E Quan Qing Xiao Xin ; Beware of the Vicious Dog Inside! ; Beware or Be Bitten! ; Nèi Yǒu È Quǎn Qǐng Xiǎo Xīn ; Warning! Beware of the Dog ; 内有恶犬请小心
  • Author:笑亍亍
  • Views:1.200.000 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Shounen , Manhua

Beware Or Be Bitten!


By some sort of fate, exorcist Xiao Yu is forced to "cohabitate" with the succubus named Obsidian, who killed her adoptive father. Yet she discovers that the succubus seems to have lost her memories! Unaccepting of this fact, Xiao Yu decides to spy on Obsidian's every move, yet the latter doesn't seem bothered by the least. Instead, she starts to thirst after Xiao Yu openly and often teases her body to satiate her own hunger...Although they seem to have a love-hate relationship, they both know that something is stirring beneath the depths. Why her adoptive father was killed, why Obsidian's memory was sealed away, and...

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